Blueberry Muffins Without the Muffin Part

Do you have a favorite blueberry muffin recipe? My new favorite is the lemon blueberry thyme muffin from GFF (Good Food or Gluten-Free Forever). I discovered, in my flurry of moving, that I misplaced my muffin tin. Fortunately, I had a loaf pan, and I discovered the batter for this muffin bakes up wonderfully as a loaf. For the extra win, the finished muffins/loaf also … Continue reading Blueberry Muffins Without the Muffin Part

The Farm-to-Fork Capital

In Sacramento, there’s a farmers market under the freeway, between 8 and 12 on Sunday mornings. Well, actually, there are quite a few farmers markets, but I like this one the most. It’s the Sacramento equivalent of the Saturday Ferry Building farmers market in San Francisco, and thankfully a lot less bustling. I still have my routinely orbit around the market, a strategy I’ve gleaned … Continue reading The Farm-to-Fork Capital