Summer Squash for Whatever and Ever

I came upon a windfall of summer squash (yay, kitchen inventory surplus). By windfall, I mean like 15 pounds worth (see last photo). Ten pounds worth were portioned for the freezer into one cup shredded patties (second photo). A few ounces worth were simmered in a simple syrup and dried for candied squash (first photo). And the last bit, I sliced and plan to bake into galettes. Oh, and I threw some salt onto the squash before processing, to draw out as much water as possible.

2 responses to “Summer Squash for Whatever and Ever”

  1. Cool stuff!! Looks yummy!!


  2. Diane Okubo-Fong Avatar
    Diane Okubo-Fong

    How do you plan on using the shredded squash?


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