The Confluence

2020. Collective trauma, global pandemic, racial upheaval, voter suppression. I’ve been thinking about the trees lately. It’s been very hard. I think about the Georgia O’Keefe quote, “If more people were trees, I would like them better.” I’ve reflected on the metaphor of confluence. The converging of different waters, different tines of the river. The confluence of the north and middle forks of the American … Continue reading The Confluence

Red, White, and the Election Day Blues

Current mood: existential dread. Cautious optimism. Dread, dot, period. All of the above. Current mood: unwavering hope. Oscillating between that natural hope for all to work out as it will and the worst case scenario. To be clear, I am not living in fear, but I am afraid. Even if I was living in fear, could you blame me? With 235,000 plus lives lost to … Continue reading Red, White, and the Election Day Blues

Process > Perfection

Over the last month, I embarked upon an allergen free baking course with recipe developer Jeffrey Larsen, James Beard-award winning author of Gluten-Free Baking at Home. He let us in on a little secret – surprise, the class was really a guise for sharpening our recipe development skills. The challenge was issued that to become a better baker and chef, one must be skillful at … Continue reading Process > Perfection


A photo-poem California You escape your current Corona By escaping to summits To sands To some impossibly becoming body of water California You’re always at edge Of winds shifting Upon refresh and refresh Again PurpleAir California Do you remember the days Of earthquakes and El Niño? When haze was not temperature Smoke not forecast California You’re always the verge of something Just about smokeline To … Continue reading River

Summer Squash for Whatever and Ever

I came upon a windfall of summer squash (yay, kitchen inventory surplus). By windfall, I mean like 15 pounds worth (see last photo). Ten pounds worth were portioned for the freezer into one cup shredded patties (second photo). A few ounces worth were simmered in a simple syrup and dried for candied squash (first photo). And the last bit, I sliced and plan to bake … Continue reading Summer Squash for Whatever and Ever