Red, White, and the Election Day Blues

gluten-free chocolate cupcakes with aquafaba (!) swiss meringue buttercream

Current mood: existential dread. Cautious optimism. Dread, dot, period. All of the above.

ube pop tarts with puff pastry dough

Current mood: unwavering hope. Oscillating between that natural hope for all to work out as it will and the worst case scenario.

a sign to end all signs

To be clear, I am not living in fear, but I am afraid. Even if I was living in fear, could you blame me? With 235,000 plus lives lost to the virus, that’s a reason. With four more years potentially on the horizon.. The sooner you accept the fear, versus deny it, the sooner you can rise and continue to fight.

I think people forget that democracy is dynamic, in flux.

If it’s political to fight for what you believe in, political I am. If it’s political to dissent, political I am. And even if I can’t change the courts, I can change cake.

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