The Farm-to-Fork Capital

Photo of an aluminum tray filled with brightly colored fresh vegetables set against a grey-toned wood table / a mural of moons underneath a freeway; a westbound freeway sign with arrows points to San Francisco
Photo of white moon phases painted on blue on the underside of a freeway

In Sacramento, there’s a farmers market under the freeway, between 8 and 12 on Sunday mornings. Well, actually, there are quite a few farmers markets, but I like this one the most. It’s the Sacramento equivalent of the Saturday Ferry Building farmers market in San Francisco, and thankfully a lot less bustling. I still have my routinely orbit around the market, a strategy I’ve gleaned in how my shopping bags are filled. First, I do an initial lap around the entire market to assess what’s in season. Second, I usually go for root veggies and greens. My third pass is usually for herbs and lighter accoutrements. My fourth stop is usually at the Twin Peaks Orchards, where the family graciously offers samples on most of their produce. Lastly, I usually stop for eggs.

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