Hi, I’m Diann – writer and culinary and pastry creative.

I am a multigenerational Chinese American, San Francisco native, now a humble human residing between the ocean and the mountains. An old soul armed with a ballpoint pen, sturdy notebook, and an exuberant list of verb choices.

This space is a reserved for my “greatest hits” – for my writing and photos on food, running, social justice, art, and any and all intersections in between. If you care for recipes and jovial cat memes, sign up for my Substack newsletter.

Can we be friends on the Internet? Follow me on Instagram.

The Quick Little Millennial Listicle

Sign: Taurus sun, Capricorn rising

Favorite food to make: roasted chicken

Favorite food to eat: soup – porridge, pho, wonton

Favorite travel memory: Toisan, Guangdong province, China; Mount Fuji; Plitvice Lake

Favorite performance I’ve seen: tie – Vanessa Redgrave in Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking and Kabby Mitchell III in Beautiful/Ugly

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